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Laser Periodontal Therapy

Healthy gums

Rescue Your Gums With Laser Therapy

Treating periodontal disorders or gum issues used to involve surgery and stitches. With Down To Earth Dental, gum surgery isn't your only option. New periodontal laser therapy could be the solution you need to care for your gums and keep them healthy.

What Sets Laser Periodontal Therapy Apart?

Gum surgery generally involves removing the infection from the gums and closing the pockets on your gums where the infection occurred. Laser therapy is your minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgeries.

Why choose laser periodontal therapy over a traditional method?
  • No cutting and no suturing required
  • Less discomfort during the procedure
  • Less time consuming than traditional surgery
  • Less than a 24-hour recovery period
Laser therapy

Other Uses for Laser Periodontal Therapy

Not satisfied with the shape or appearance of your gums? Down To Earth Dental can deploy laser therapy for aesthetic purposes as well. If you have got excessive gingiva covering your teeth, the dental team at Down To Earth Dental can help treat and remedy your gum issues.

If you have questions about laser periodontal therapy or periodontal dentistry? Contact our team to get the answers to your questions.
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